Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Fun with the kids! Day Two: Fun with Eggs!

Yesterday was Day One of my kids summer break. We spent the day doing rainbow crafts & activities.
Melted Crayon art
Making our own Rainbow Play-doh - Which gave us the chance to pull out all of our old play-doh toys that we haven't used in years.
Tree paint (just mixing equal parts of flour & water, and then adding some food coloring). Max also appreciated this activity! 
Rainbow Cupcakes - These turned out amazing! I ended up using only a spoonful of each color per cupcake.
Then Zaine & Dylan took turns reading Genesis 9 and the meaning of rainbows. 

 Overall, the first day of Summer break was a success!

Here is the inspiration sheet for Day 2 of Summer Break, Fun with Eggs!

What fun plans do you have this summer?

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