Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Fun with the kids! Day 3: Lazy Summer Day!

So far the first few days of summer vacation have been a blast! Monday we had Rainbow Day, Tuesday was Fun with Eggs Day and yesterday was a Lazy Summer Day (I decided early on that it is important to have at least one day during the week where we have no specific plans for the day) hence, Lazy Summer Days.

On Tuesday (Fun with Eggs Day) we had a good friend of Zaine's over to spend the afternoon with us. We made boiled eggs, had fun drawing faces on them and then the kids had a big egg hunt in the yard.  After coming inside we made deviled eggs with a Dr. Seuss twist, and then the kids took turns reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Later on in the day when they were winding down, we put in an older Alvin and the Chipmunk Mystery of the Easter Eggs dvd that we had picked up from the library.

Yesterday, we ended up doing quite a few different things.  First we decided to go to a local park and bring Max with us, needless to say he was thrilled :) First we went on a walk around the park and then played on the playground before we headed back home to drop Max off. 

We made stops at the library, McDonald's (we decided it would be a good day for .75cent ice cream cones). Then headed back home for some more fun.

We made a DIY sprinkler that I had found on Basically you poke a bunch of holes in an empty 2 liter bottle and attach it to your hose using duct tape. Although it wasn't the warmest outside, and the fact that it was actually sprinkling the most of the morning, the kids were determined to try it out.

To be perfectly honest the DIY Sprinkler wasn't quite a success. We found the only way to get the water shooting up was to jump on it... so that's what we did!  Then after awhile the kids decided it would be fun to give each other "a shower" with it.  The above picture of Jackson is him showing me how brave he was! Won't lie, the water was pretty cold!
Seeing how Max was in need of a bath, we gave him a very quick one inside before going in. Since I knew we would have to give him a bath yesterday, I had picked up a book from the library that I thought would go perfect for the day " Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion.
(I absolutely LOVE Max's ears when they get wet! His fur is so crimpy!!)

So all in all, another successful day :)
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